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Wine Route Bike Tour with Wine Tasting from Cafayate image 1
91 €

Wine Route Bike Tour with Wine Tasting from Cafayate

This tour is a different way to discover the best wineries in Cafayate, through a pleasant bike ride, you will get to know different types of wineries: ancient, organic, traditional and boutique.

Our tour Wine Route Bike Ride from Cafayate offers the possibility to choose between three of the following wineries to visit: Winery Quara - Winery Domingo Hermanos - Winery Nanni - Winery El Transito - Winery El Porvenir - Winery Esteco . You will learn their history and origins, as well as the process used to make their wine, and in some of them, you will be able to taste some of their most famous wines. 

The tour starts with the passengers pick up from their hotels in the centre of Cafayate, to take them to the starting point of the tour, where first class bikes will be waiting for us to begin the ride.

Once on the bicycles and accompanied for a guide every four passengers, we will star to travel part of the famous Salta Wine Route, to get to know the so-called "high altitude wines" from vineyards located around 1600 meters above sea level. This gives the wine a strong character and personality, in addition to high quality fragrances and colours, as well as unique flavors.

After a pleasant bike ride for some of the best wineries in the region, we will come back. The tour ends with the return of each passenger to their respective hotel

We can choose from three of the following wineries to visit:

Winery Quara: This lands have been used for the production of wine from the seventeenth century and were acquired by the Lavaque family, current owners, in the late 1980s, becoming one of the major players in the wine reactivation of the Argentinian North

Winery Domingo Brothers: A family project, which aims at the continued growth of the company and the community, through sustainable development. The winery has 6 million litres of capacity, with first class processing facilities

Winery Nanni: Their vineyards are located 10 kilometres from the city centre and 2,000 meters above sea level. 100% of its production is certified organic and its varieties are Torrontés, malbec, cabernet sauvignon and Tannat, all made through natural process, without additives.

Winery El Transito: By its technological characteristics and volume of production is classified as a Boutique Winery. Their tasting room is warm and comfortable and in it are exhibited old pictures of the town, the winery and the family who owns it.

Winery El Provenir: It has 80 hectares of vineyards located at 1,750 meters above sea level. The winery is dedicated to the production of small amounts of wine and its annual production is 150,000 bottles. The Marcuzzi Romero family, owners of the winery, chose to use the sacred Inca cross as its symbol as a tribute to the Incas who inhabited the Andes in the fifteenth century.

Winery Esteco: Producer of premium wines. The management of the vineyards and the processing technology has been professionalised, targeting a public fond of fine wines. Its name, "The Esteco" comes from a legend of the region, referring to a lost city.