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Wildflowers of the Mid-West Guided Day Tour from Geraldton  image 1
129 €

Wildflowers of the Mid-West Guided Day Tour from Geraldton

The operator of this tour knows where the wildflowers are in bloom. When in season you will see the elusive wreath flower, everlastings flowers just to name a few of the 1200 species found within the mid-west region a short drive from Geraldton. So pack the camera for this 8-hour, small-group guided tour. Hotel pickup and drop-off is available for select hotels only. Food and drinks are included in the price.

The mid-west region of Western Australia has some 1200 wildflowers. The tour operator knows when and where the wildflowers are in bloom and its tours will take you to see best wildflowers in the region. The tour departs from the Geraldton Visitors Center at 9am after hotel pickups. 

See the rare wreath flowers at Pindar near Mullewa and the plentiful and picture perfect everlasting wildflowers at the Mingenew Coalseam Conservation Park. Take time to explore the wildflowers at each location with you choosing to explore the area with one of the wildflower field guides. Join your guide on a tour into the bush to find flowers found only in WA. 

This tour has you traveling by bus 90 km inland from Geraldton through farm lands to the inland area's rich with wildflowers. Enjoy local commentary and seeing the area's diverse landscapes, farmlands and wide open spaces. This tour will have a minimum of 8 people with a maximum of 37 and is an 8-hour tour with a finishing time of 5pm. You'll be dropped off at selected hotels only. 

The Geraldton Wildflower guided tour includes lunch, a wildflower field guide to use while exploring the bush and a brief photo stop at the Geraldton Leaning Tree.

  • See the rare wreath flower & everlastings. 
  • Visit WA’s First Coal Mine. 
  • Explore native bush in search of wildflowers. 
  • Visit The Greenough Leaning Tree and Wind Farm.