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Whale Watching from Svolvær

Enjoy the whales in the Arctic sea. An unforgettable experience for life.

There are approximately 75 species of whales in Norway, where they are a part of the marine ecosystem of the North Sea. They either eat fish, or they compete with fish for their food. Most whales need to eat the equivalent of approximately five per cent of their body weight every day. They are beautiful and gentle giants.
The North Sea is a very rich food source. Here whales can feed all year round; these waters are the perfect habitat for many types of cetaceans such as sperm whales, humpback whales, pilot whales, minke whales, fin whales and killer whales.
In summer time the Norwegian sea is populated mostly by sperm whales. They spend the summer in the cold Atlantic waters before starting their migration towards warmer waters again in the autumn.
The whales are gentle marine mammals and observing them is a moment of joy and beauty. The Sperm whales are huge mammals and they need deep waters to dive.
To observe these fantastic creatures, we have to transfer to Andenes in the Vesterålen Islands.
Andenes is about 200 kilometers from Svolvær and it is the best place to spot and admire these gigantic, but gentle creatures.
It takes about 3 hours to reach Andenes from Svolvær. This is good opportunity to drive all along this small archipelago called Vesterålen.
We like to define this excursion as a fantastic and complete experience. You will experience a new archipelago and its amazing landscape and the joy of seeing the whales in their own environment.
To make this experience unforgettable, we offer RIB tours. The Rib (Rigid Inflatable Boat), max. 12 seats, is absolutely safe and its flexibility allows closer and better encounters.
The tour includes: transport by car and ferry, English-­speaking guide (other languages on request), thermal suits, gloves and glasses, warm soup after the tour.