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Western Australia Rally Car 16 Laps Drive and Ride image 1
250 €

Western Australia Rally Car 16 Laps Drive and Ride

What a rush! Get behind the wheel yourself driving two different Turbo rallycars, then buckle up for the hotlap of a lifetime at the hands of one of our experienced instructors. You just need to arrive and and be prepared for the thrills! The rally track is located at Bakers Hill, 73 kilometres east of Perth.

After a short briefing and demonstration from your Instructor, you will take the wheel TWICE in 2 different cars taking on our Special dirt Rally course.

With a rally driving professional instructor beside you, you’ll be shown the techniques which, in addition to getting the most out of these high-performance rally driving vehicles on the day, will also make your everyday driving safer and more enjoyable. Finally, to top off the rally driving course, you’ll be strapped into the co-driver's seat and taken for an exciting rally hot lap blast by one of our professional rally drivers, and these guys don't hold back!