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30 €

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Valletta World War Two Small-Group Walking Tour

This tour provides the opportunity to learn more about the remarkable bravery and sacrifice of the people and defenders of Malta who never gave up, not even in their darkest hour. What was it like to spend most of your time deep underground for fear of being blown up, and how did people make do with their meagre rations? How did people manage to maintain a semblance of normal life under such difficult conditions?

6.55 am on 11th June 1940 marked the start of a harrowing experience for the people of Malta, who thus far had been spared the horrors of the Second World War. As the first bombs were dropped over the Island, little could the Maltese imagine the full scale of the horror that was yet to come. The previous night, with France on the verge of surrender, and Britain surely to follow, the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini had concluded that the time was ripe for Italy to join the war, and set Malta firmly within his sights.

Throughout the next 3 years, the Island would become a vital part of the struggle for supremacy in North Africa, and a life and death struggle ensued between the stretched defensive forces and the might of the Axis powers, who tried to bomb, or starve the island into submission. Malta was to become the most bombed place on Earth, and her survival against the odds was an inspiration to the rest of the world.

This tour not only explains all these questions but also covers all the main episodes, such as the infamous Illustrious Blitz, the Battle of the Grand Harbour, and the famous Santa Marija Convoy.

The ticket for this tour also includes a guided visit to the newly refurbished National War Museum at Upper Fort St. Elmo.