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Ushuaia Night Adventure: Snowshoeing, Snowmobiling and Sled Ride image 1
214 €

Ushuaia Night Adventure: Snowshoeing, Snowmobiling and Sled Ride

Appreciate the beauty of a Patagonian winter on a night tour with three activities — snowshoeing, snowmobiling and sledding — each led by an experienced guide. Slip on snowshoes and walk across a frozen pond, drive a snowmobile through the forest and let sled dogs pull you across the snowy woods. This 4-hour outdoor adventure, including round-trip hotel transport from Ushuaia, ends with a barbecue dinner at a charming restaurant where you can warm up and share the excitement with newfound friends.

After hotel pickup in Ushuaia in the evening, it’s a roughly 30-minute drive to Llanos del Castor, the launching point of your outdoor night adventure. A professional guide leads each activity, providing instruction and ensuring your safety at all times during your 4-hour excursion. Appreciate the Patagonian winter in the best way possible with this trek in the quiet, snowy night.

First, embark on a walk across a frozen pond in snowshoes, which help you traverse the snow without sinking in it. Your guide provides your group with flashlights to better see your surroundings, and shares information on the natural habitat and the beaver, an introduced animal that inhabits this part of Tierra del Fuego.

When you reach the other side of the pond, exchange your snowshoes for a snowmobile. Once you hear directions on how to operate your tandem vehicle, hop on and head out across the terrain, following a route through a beautiful, snow-covered forest. It’s easy to drive a snowmobile, even for beginners, and halfway along the track you’ll have the chance to switch drivers so each person has a turn.

The final half-hour stretch of your fun-filled expedition is an exciting sled ride. Hold on as well-trained sled dogs, guided by their ‘musher,’ pull you along through the still, snowy woods. Marvel at the brightly shining stars as you ride along. (Note: Each sled allows three passengers, one standing and two sitting in front.)

Then head inside a cozy restaurant and warm up from the cold with a well-deserved dinner. Enjoy a traditional Argentine asado, or barbecue, with a variety of salads before you’re taken back to your hotel in Ushuaia — just in time for a good night’s sleep.