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Upsala and Spegazzini Channel Navigation Tour from El Calafate image 1
166 €

Upsala and Spegazzini Channel Navigation Tour from El Calafate

This tour is essential to learn about the wonderful glaciers that surround the National Park, because it is the only one that takes us to the two most important glaciers: Upsala and Spegazzini, to which it would be impossible to reach otherwise. The navigation lasts approximately 5 hours which we can enjoy amazing views from the terrace and balconies of the boat, or we can be comfortably seated inside the boat.

We will pick you up around 8:30 Am and will undertake the journey of 50 Km to Punta Bandera, where the boat departs at 10:30 am. We will pass by the edge of the main body of Argentino Lake and move on towards Punta Bandera Port, where we will get on a modern catamaran.

The first part of the excursion is in the northern arm of Lake Argentino across the Boca del Diablo, the narrowest part of the lake, then you will go to the Upsala channel and the Spegazzini channel where you are able to see, at the end of each channel, the glaciers with the same name. The navigation runs between spectacular icebergs of immense size and varied forms. From the boat you will see, among others, the Upsala and the Spegazzini glaciers, the largest and highest respectively among all glaciers in the park.

The catamaran will navigate in circles in order to let everybody take excellent pictures of the glaciers. Also, we will be able to sit inside this confortable ship where we can enjoy a warm breakfast (not included).

After 5 hours of navigation, we will return to the port and then go to El Calafate by a land transportation vehicle.