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Ultimate Experience Melbourne image 1
102 €

Ultimate Experience Melbourne

Run head-first down the side of a building in Melbourne CBD in this amazing forward abseil rappelling experience. 5 jumps, GoPro HD footage of your experience and a T-shirt are included!

Are you ready to go over the edge with this awesome Forward Abseiling Experience in the heart of Melbourne!

5 Forward Abseils HD GoPro Footage of your experience to keep T-Shirt to keep Expert instruction

This is the ultimate rap jumping experience in Melbourne – with 5 jumps and expert tuition you will be amazed at how you progress on each run as you abseil head first down the side of a 7 story building! You will even have proof to show your friends and family as your experience is recorded in HD on a GoPro.

Rap Jumping (also known as forward abseil running or rappelling) is a technique used by special forces and adrenalin-junkies alike, where forward-vision is required during an abseil. Our team are fully qualified and experienced abseil and rap jumping instructors, where safety is the name of the game. With 30 years’ experience at sending people Rap Jumping, you can be sure that you will have the safest experience possible.