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Ultimate Bike Tour: All-Day All-Inclusive All-City image 1
86 €

Ultimate Bike Tour: All-Day All-Inclusive All-City

This full day bike tour will take you through Historic & Contemporary neighborhoods such as  La Boca, Caminito, Puerto Madero, Retiro, Metalic Flower, Recoleta Cementary and much more.

Meeting every day at 10am in historic San Telmo (Peru 988), we begin our bike tour with a thorough orientation, introducing you to the city, your bicycle and each other. Pointing our front tire south, we pedal through the backstreets of one of the oldest barrios in Buenos Aires making our way towards Parque Lezama, the border of La Boca and San Telmo. Looping around La Boca we witness elaborate urban art, the famous Bombonera stadium and the birthplace of Tango in colorful Caminito. You then have time to explore on foot this vibrant port that once greeted millions of immigrants in the turn of the 20th century.

Back on our bikes, we navigate our way to a completely different world in the neighboring bubble of Puerto Madero. The contrast is very noticeable as you ride through the quiet, yet very modern streets in search of the 60 acre Ecological Reservation hidden in the back. Once our appetite has kicked in, we stop at the original Parrilla on the Costanera Sur boardwalk to get a taste of local Asado Argentino. Taking advantage of the plentiful salad bar, build your own sandwich with your choice of pork, chicken, or chorizo (egg/cheese option for vegetarians). 

Full and satisfied, it’s time to cruise along the docks towards the main transportation hub of Buenos Aires known as Retiro. The privileged neighborhood of Recoleta is as far north as we get before we turn back south, but not before we stop and enter the famous cemetery in search of Evitas final resting place.

Making our way back through Micro Centro, all roads lead to the “Heart of the City” in the Plaza de Mayo where you will learn about why most Argentine historical events occurred in this very spot.  We familiarize ourselves with the Casa Rosada, Cabildo, the famous Catedral and then you’re free to discover more of the Plaza and it’s intriguing surroundings.

Our tour ends back at our meeting point in San Telmo (Peru 988)where we recapture the day and suggest some BA must do’s. Lasting approximately 7 hours, we follow many bike trails and stop around 15 times to drink and learn about Yerba Mate, take photos, eat delicious Asado and enjoy a fun, creative and informative tour led by expert bilingual guides.