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Tyrendarra Indigenous Walking Tour with Indigenous Guide

Walk with the Gunditjmara people in the Budj Bim National Heritage landscape. In this two-hour guided tour you will experience an insight into Indigenous culture and see remains of circular stone dwellings, Australia's first freshwater aquaculture systems and volcanic formations that are found in only three locations in the world. Your local, Indigenous guide will tell you all about the history of the Gunditjmara people and how the land provided everything they needed to survive and enjoy a settled, rather than nomadic lifestyle. Keep your ears and eyes peeled and maybe you will be lucky enough to see some of the local wildlife totems.

Your tour will begin at the Budj Bim Orientation Centre where you will be welcomed and experience an introductory talk about Gunditjmara culture, history and the dreaming stories of the region.

You will watch a beautiful 10 minute video before following your guide out on a scenic 10-minute drive to the Tyrendarra Indigenous Protected Area. This area is listed on Australia's National Heritage list and is soon to be World Heritage-Listed for its significant cultural, historical and natural values.

Your walking tour will take you to the remains of a stone village, including a reconstructed stone dwelling that are unique in the world's history of human settlement. Your guide will explain how the Gunditjmara people used these houses and lived in villages, unlike the majority of Australian Indigenous people. Your guide will share their knowledge about traditional food plants and animals and explain village life, such as hunting, marriage and law keeping. Witness Australia's first and largest freshwater aquaculture systems, these systems are over 6000 years old, which is 2000 years older than the Pyramids of Egypt. Learn how the Gunditjmara engineered the landscape to capture eels and fish that would sustain them year round.

If you've chosen the bush tucker option, you will be treated to a variety of bush tucker foods including: Kangaroo, smoked eel, water parsnip, wattle seed rolls and warrigal greens.