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Typical Brussels Home Dinner with a Local

Taste the typical flavors of Brussels, during your private dinner with Laureline. During your dinner you will be introduced to the authentic Brussels called "Chicon au gratin" and get a cold glass of Belgium beer to enjoy with your meal.

Are you in for a typical Brussels dinner? This private dinner experience is the one for you. Your host Laureline is looking forward to introducing you to a classic dish enjoyed by many locals called "Chicon au gratin." 

The "chicon au gratin" is one of the most typical dishes in Brussels and also a great comfort food perfect for rainy days. What is this wonderful dish you may ask? It's chicory wrapped up in ham and béchamel sauce, served with a "stoemp" which is the classic mix of creamy mashed potatoes with carrots or celery. 

To add even more authenticity to your local dinner in Brussels you will get to enjoy a cold glass Belgium beer with your host and as much fizzy or still water as you want.

Your dinner will take place in a vibrant and friendly apartment in a centrally located area in Brussels. 

About your host: Laureline is a keen traveler and would love to share her stories from abroad and at home with you. One of her main passions is crocheting and knitting work, a great way to relax after work.