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Two-Hour Horseback Mountain Trail Ride in Tipperary image 1
55 €

Two-Hour Horseback Mountain Trail Ride in Tipperary

Two hour horseback ride over spectacular unspoiled mountain pastures. Suitable for all levels of riding experience.

On arrival at the center, you will be welcomed and taken to reception where you will be asked to fill in a registration form. You will also be loaned a riding hat and boots if you require them.

After mounting your horse, a qualified instructor will assess your riding in the manege. The trek will be taken at the pace of the least experienced rider in your party. Accompanied by a guide, you will then ride through the yard and straight out into open countryside. Typically, you will ride though a field containing a bronze age settlement and an ancient quarry, down an old main road now overgrown and used only by animals, and through a traditional Irish farmyard.

After an hour of riding up hill and down dale, passing ancient ruins and beautiful wildflowers, you will reach the top of the Black Hill, 1,100 feet above sea level. Your guide will tell you the legends and folk-lore of the area and you will have a chance to admire and photograph the beautiful views which encompass seven surrounding counties. After a brief pause to stretch your legs, you will return home by a different but equally beautiful off-road route.