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Tromso Snowshoe Hike

Walk through the wintry Tromsø countryside on snowshoes on this memorable guided tour. Travel into the snowy countryside, strap on snowshoes and stride out on a scenic hike with a local guide. Stomp through deep snow, cross flat terrain and crunch through the snow-laden spruce and birch forests with ease as you soak up the scenery. Stop for photos, and savor a hot drink and cake along the way. This experience is offered with two options: an easy 2-hour hike or a 5-hour trek across more challenging terrain.

Choose a hike to suit your age and hiking experience. Then, dressed in warm winter clothing, meet your guide in central Tromsø to start your tour.
Hop inside a comfortable minivan or coach, and travel into the snow-laden countryside and hills of Tromsø Island. On arrival at the base camp, strap on your supplied snowshoes, listen to a safety briefing, and follow your guide at a steady pace.
Relish the sensation of walking easily over the snow with your snowshoes. On the 2-hour hike, crunch over sparkling flat terrain and gentle hills, and pad through crisp snow that surrounds the tranquil spruce and birch forests. On the 5-hour hike, follow a more challenging route, and stomp up snowy slopes as you navigate more mountainous terrain.
Both hikes include several stops along the way to admire the untouched scenery and take photos. Enjoy a break for a hot blackcurrant drink and lefse — sweet Norwegian cake.
After your 2- or 5-hour walk, return to base and travel back to central Tromsø to finish your tour.