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Trekking Glacier Torrecillas at Los Alerces National Park  image 1
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Trekking Glacier Torrecillas at Los Alerces National Park

Enjoy a small-group tour trekking in the Patagonia region in Argentina at Torrecillas Glacier. This is an adventure tour of high standards of quality and safety. The tour is limited to 15 people ensuring personalized attention. You will have a unique experience of peace, understanding and harmony through contact with nature conjugated with physical exertion, collaborating to enriching the spirit.

The tour begins at Chucao port, located at the southeast branch of Menéndez Lake. This lake is reached by traversing the footbridge over the Arrayanes river and then walking along the banks of the Menéndez river. Once there, you will board a boat and sail for about 40 minutes to Nuevo port, where you will walk along a beautiful trail filled with the characteristics expected from a mountain trekking excursion.

Enjoy the most pristine landscapes of the Los Alerces National Park as you ascend in a medium difficulty hike which takes approximately an hour and a half. On the first stage of the hike you'll go through the fantastic Valdivian forest and then follow up a mountain stream until you reach the source of it, Del Antiguo Lagoon which is at the foot of the spectacular Torrecillas Glacier.

Your guide will explain to you all about the flora and fauna, history and the general glaciology of the region. You’ll be able to see the basin or cirque where the snow started to accumulate and finally formed the glacial ice during the last glaciation over 24,000 years ago, and sometimes you can even watch the spectacular detachment of ice blocks. Here, you will see the millenary alerce, and other trees such as tineo, cypress, coihue and lenga, the colihue cane (of the bamboo subfamily) as well as other species typical of the Valdivian forest.

It is also possible to sight some distinctive bird species of the area such as the magnificent condor.
As you treasure the peace of your surroundings and take in the memorable images printed on your mind, you will hike back to the boat, where you will enjoy some delicious snacks as a reward for your physical effort.