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Trek to Mount Aragats Volcanic from Yerevan image 1
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Trek to Mount Aragats Volcanic from Yerevan

This one day adventure trekking tour offers fantastic walking opportunities. View the snow capped peaks in the winter, however in the summer the far corners become accessible with nomads seeking out the high Stone lake and pastures to graze their goats and sheep.

Mt. Aragats, the highest peak of the Lesser Caucasus is a popular target for mountaineers. The mountain has sub-alpine and alpine zones, four peaks and one of the biggest craters in the world, created by a volcano eruption in the distant past.

You will be picked up from your hotel in Yerevan where you will be transferred to the start of the trek. The people you are most likely to encounter while at Aragats are Yezidi nomads living a nomadic life in tents, isolated from the rest of the society and preserving their way of life, traditional norms of behavior and unique religion. Their main occupation is sheep breeding and producing the most ecologically pure milk on the planet, from which Yezidi make cheese, butter, matsun and yogurt. Hiking at Aragats is especially spectacular in spring when the entire mountain is literally covered with poppies and other mountain flowers. The easiest peak of Aragats is the southern peak.

Starting from Kari Lich (Stone Lake), you and your guide will take a 3 hour hike to the summit on a steady slope (3,879m).