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Tour of Bulgarian Royal Palaces

Discover the unique Bulgarian royal architecture from Medieval and modern times. You will get to know the royal residence of Vrana. This is where the royal family of Bulgaria spent most of their time, along with the ancient and medieval fortress of 'Tsari Mali Grad' and the royal hunting residence 'Bistritsa'.

Vrana palace is located on the outskirts of the capital city of Sofia, and its park covers an area of around 100 hectares. A modern two-story villa was built at the royal estate in 1906. The architectural design combines an exquisite interpretation of the Plovdiv baroque with Viennese decorative elements. The construction of the residence building was coupled with land development for farming purposes and related construction work on large areas. Greenhouses and even a small zoo were built. The Vrana park and palace in their artistic fusion represent a masterpiece of Bulgarian landscape architecture and the art of gardening.

The 'Tsari Mali Grad' fortress, restored just few years ago, is a ancient and early medieval military complex and residence. It is located on a vast area, just 50 kilometers from Sofia and it guards the ancient church of “St. Spas” along with some amazing collections that allow the visitors travel back in time. Tsari Mali Grad was recognized as one of the important historical landmarks in Bulgaria.

Built in 1905, the hunting residence 'Bistritsa' was erected in a typically Alpine style. In that time, it looked impressive with its stylistic expression and the way it blended in the surrounding nature. The second building, the Palace, was erected between 1911 and 1914 and acts as an architectural expression of a marvelous combination of elements and details, close to the time of Revival in Bulgaria. In its time, the Tsarska Bistritsa Complex provided a new benchmark for the national architecture in terms of modern dimensions.

Itinerary: This tour starts from your hotel. After a 15-minute transfer it’s time for a visit to the “Vrana” residence (2 hours). Transfer (1 hour) to the “Tsari Mali Grad” complex. After some sightseeing and lunch (not included), transfer to Borovets resort, where the “Bistritsa” royal residence is located. Tour of the hunting palace (1.30 hours). Return to Sofia – the tour ends at your hotel.