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246 €

Tierra del Fuego National Park Private tour

In this private 4-hour tour you will get to know the main highlights of National Park Tierra del Fuego, located just 12 km from the city of Ushuaia. The park features impressive landscapes composed of numerous waterfalls, forests, mountains and glaciers. Hike the coastal path up to the Lapataia Bay where there is the last point of the Panamerican Highway and enjoy the sightseeing at the end of the world!

Tierra del Fuego National Park is the most southern natural reserve and it is the only park that is home to sea coasts and mountains covering a width of 6 Km along the shores of Beagle Channel and a surface area of 63,000 hectares.
It is accessible by the national road 3, southwest from Ushuaia.

On this tour, we will sightseeing interesting points like the river Pipo, Mount Susana, Ensenada Bay, Island Redonda, Lake Roca, Green and Black Lagoon, the beaver´s dam, Lapataia Bay which signals the end of the road that starts in Buenos Aires 3,242 Km away from the capital city.
The park´s topography is extremely varied; it consists of a group of steep mountains, rivers, valleys and lakes which results in a rich variety of landscapes.
During spring and summer, it is possible to see a variety of flowers, sporting countless colours, as well as other tree species such as Canela, Lenga, Ñire, many of them native to Patagonia. As for the fauna, the most frequent mammals are foxes, rabbits and the beaver. After visiting the main viewpoints and walking the principal trails, we return to the hotel.