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Tierra del Fuego Lakes Off Road ATV-UTV Tour from Ushuaia image 1
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Tierra del Fuego Lakes Off Road ATV-UTV Tour from Ushuaia

Wild landscapes, adrenaline and a cocktail of emotions are one the things that will be waiting for you on this amazing experience. We invite you to live a day in Tierra del Fuego countryside, to be part of this exciting adventure full of anecdotes and moments that will leave you breathless. Explore the center of Tierra del Fuego Island in a 4x4, going through Paso Garibaldi, Lago Escondido, Lago Fagnano. This is a 7 hour excursion where you can also have the opportunity to experience your own off road by driving the UTV or ATV, the choice is up to you!

We pick you up at your hotel in the morning and we head to the exit of the city of Ushuaia through the National Road N°3. Our first stop will be at the view point of the Carbajal Valley; we will be amazed by the view that has a glacier origin where we can see the Olivia River. We continue the drive, and then we arrive to Ushuaia Blanca located in the touristic resort Villa Las Cotorras for a quick technical stop; here you will be able to have a hot beverage or buy any last minute thing before we get to the countryside. 

We get back on the road; we will be amazed by the spectacular landscapes offered by Andes Mountains. We finally get to pass this mountains range through the legendary “Paso Garibaldi”; we will now have the most spectacular postcard just in front of our eyes, Escondido Lake and Fagnano Lake are now visible.

We start descending through an alternative road; this is the beginning of our 4x4 journey heading to head of the Escondido Lake. Here is where we get inside the fuegian woods through the paths that were used by the first explorations looking to exploit those woods. This way we will get to Fagnano Lake where we will prepare some Argentinian “Mate” and we will share some snacks while enjoying the amazing view of the lake and the Magallanes fault line.

We continue with our adventure by coming back to Ushuaia Blanca where they will be waiting for you with the ATVs and UTVs to continue with the adventure in the valley and the woods (this activity is optional, if you do not wish to do it you can continue with the 4x4 through the river). We arrive to our historical museum hut “Ernesto Kründ” where the lunch, an Argentinian “asado”, will be waiting for us.

After lunch and a nice talk we head back to Ushuaia.