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98 €

The Oslo Gourmet Tour

The Oslo Gourmet food tour gives you a delicious introduction to what is hot and trendy in the Norwegian fine dining scene. Come along as we take you on gastronomic journey filled with tapas plates bursting with flavorful vegan bites, fresh oysters, steak tartar and delicacies from the sea!

•    Walking distance: 2 km
•    Duration:2 hour
•    Number of individual tastings: 4 to 5 – Makes up for a whole meal
•    Meeting Time: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 4.00pm
•    Meeting place:Olaf Ryes Plass, by the fountain | check the map here
•    Language: English or Norwegian (additional languages available ONLY on private tours)
•    Vegetarian options are available by request. However, if you eat neither fish nor meat this tour may not be for you. Please fill out the requirements field while booking the ticket.

The Oslo Gourmet food tour offers an exceptional culinary journey into the new style of Norwegian cuisine. The Nordic food scene is undergoing a gastronomic revolution where a collective of visionary and creative chefs are taking traditional Nordic ingredients and transforming them into modern gourmet dishes. The main principles of the new Nordic cuisine are built on a profound respect for the ingredients and nature, in other words dishes are based on local, organic and seasonal ingredients. The Oslo Gourmet food tour gives you the chance to experience modern Norwegian cuisine.
The tour starts from Olaf Ryes Plass and continues through the trendy district of Grunerløkka. The area is famous for the artists, trendsetters and urban professionals who frequent it. Along the way you will experience Oslo off the beaten path and try 4-5 different tastings at various restaurants and eateries. The tour ends centrally near the City Hall.