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Tandem Skydive in Goulburn image 1
126 €

Tandem Skydive in Goulburn

Feel the adrenaline, anticipation and excitement of your tandem skydive build as you climb to height in preparation for your jump.  Once you and your instructor jump out of the plane you will reach speeds of up to 220km/h in free fall for up to 60 seconds.  The professional and fully licensed instructors excel in sharing their passion for this wonderful sport and will ensure that you will have the ride of your life.  The whole experience should only take 1 - 2 hours but allow for a half  day as skydiving is a weather dependent sport. Generally, this is a small group activity limited to ten participants but this can vary.

Get ready to take flight on this unforgettable experience. Upon arrival at Goulburn Airport, you’ll check-in at the reception desk and receive a 10-minute mandatory safety briefing in preparation for your skydive. Together you will board the plane for the experience of a lifetime. The aerial views are spectacular and you will feel your excitement and anticipation build as the plane climbs to exit height.  Once reaching height, the door will open and together you and your instructor will jump.  The adrenaline rush of free fall is unforgettable as you are traveling of speeds up to 220km/h for up to 60 seconds. Once the canopy opens you will fly like a bird, enjoying the picturesque views of mountains, lakes and forests until you land safely back at Goulburn Airport.