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Tahune Airwalk Active Day Trip from Hobart Including Hastings Caves image 1
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Tahune Airwalk Active Day Trip from Hobart Including Hastings Caves

Explore Southern Tasmania from 40 meters above ground in the tree tops then head 40 meters underground as we enter the world of caves and underground creatures!  Walk through the treetops, bring your swimwear for the thermal pool, and bring a jacket for the caves as we enjoy an action packed day south of Hobart.

Travel south of Hobart into the great Southern Forests, through the picturesque Huon Valley- famous for its apple orchards giving Tasmania the name the Apple Isle – and along the beautiful Huon River. Walk through the tree tops suspended 40-meters high above the ground, then further south, delve 40-meters underground into the vast chambers of a cave tour.

The first  adventure for today is to explore the Tahune Forest Airwalk. Begin the walk along the Cantilever stretching for 597-meters through the treetops. Enjoy the breathtaking views across the treetops and surrounding mountains. Back on the forest floor, take on a longer walk (1-hour) to experience the “Swinging Bridges”, crossing both the Picton and Huon rivers. With a 50-meter span across the rivers, this is a thrilling experience and makes for fabulous photos! For a more gentle experience, there is the easy 20-minute Huon Pine Walk where these famous and unique local trees grow alongside the river with some as old as 2000-years, a delightful and enchanting short walk.

Continue your journey south enjoying a number of short stops for easy walks, fabulous scenery and lookouts along the way.

The Hastings Cave Reserve is another spectacular place where you enjoy a variety of activities and soak up the unique atmosphere. Bring your swimming gear and jump into the Thermal Springs swimming pool where the water is always 28 degrees Celsius, fed by the naturally heated waters of the thermal springs nearby. Relax in the beautiful forest surrounds or wander the Hot Springs Nature Trail where the warm water meets the cool water, home to the unique & playful Platypus.

Head underground to explore the spectacular Hastings Caves which are Australia’s largest tourist Dolomite Caves, expertly conducted by the National Parks & Wildlife guides. The cave temperature is always 9 degrees Celsius so bring your jumper along. 

The return to Hobart takes around 1.5-hours with a few short stops along the way, during the summer months there is ample opportunity to collect some delicious local Cherries, Berries and Apples on the way home.