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Taconeando Tango Show with Optional Dinner in Buenos Aires image 1
37 €

Taconeando Tango Show with Optional Dinner in Buenos Aires

We invite you to meet one of the classics of Buenos Aires Tango. Located at the heart of San Telmo, we will lead you to an intimate space to witness a tango spectacle, that will take you in a journey through its history, from the compadritos of the old suburb, to the modern tango of Astor Piazolla. The place was inaugurated in 1979 by Beba Bidart, famous tango singer, actress and dancer, who was inspired by the 1931's classic: "Taconeando", from the Pedro Mafia Orchestra, with lyrics by Horacio Staffolani, a special tango milonga, heavily rhythmic, perfect for dancing.
If you choose the Dinner option, you'll indulge in a delectable gourmet meal before the show. Enjoy a variety of fine wines, Argentine steak, and sinful desserts. If you choose the show only option, you will arrive directly to enjoy a Tango night. The VIP option also includes a tango lesson before dinner.

The tour starts with the passengers pick up from their hotels. Depending on the option chosen, the schedule will vary. Passengers who have chosen the option VIP Dinner, Show & Tango Lesson will be picked up at 7:45pm. For those who have chosen the option Dinner &Show, will be at 8:15pm. And for those who have chosen the option Show Only, transfer will be at 9:45pm.

For those who choose the VIP Dinner&Show, the evening will begin with a tango class at 8:00pm, which will be provided by the show's own dancers: Pelin and Miguel Calvo. They will divide the group into beginner and intermediate level, according to your previous knowledge, and for half an hour, you will learn the secrets that the tango masters have to share.

At 8:30pm dinner begins. Those who have chosen the Dinner option will enjoy a three course meal, from a menu with plenty of options to choose from.

Around 10:00pm, after enjoying a delicious traditional meal, the awaited show will start. If you choose the show only option, you will arrive directly at this point to enjoy a Tango night. It is a tribute to the great tango composers and authors of this century, from our great Carlos Gardel, to the modern Astor Piazolla, with great songs such as "Balada para un loco" and "Libertango". Also, a great singer who combines the feeling, interpretation and charisma of Tango will be presented.

You can choose from the following options for dinner:


  • Beef empanadas 
  • Chicken salad 
  • Vitel Tonné
Main Course
  • Argentinean beef garnished with potatoes, accompanied with a mix of greens 
  • Stuffed chicken valotin, on fileto sauce, garnished with potatoes and carrots 
  • Vegetables ratatouil 
Homemade Pasta
  • Vegetables or ricotta ravioli 
  • Gnocchi 
  • Ham and mozzarella Agnolotis 
  • Vegetables and ricotta cannelloni 
  • SAUCE: White - Red - Mixed - Bolognesa – Fileto 
  • Swiss Bombón 
  • Homemade flan 
  • Bread pudding 
  • Peaches in syrup