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Sydney Opera House: The Opera

Each night, 3,000 people will gather outside the Sydney Opera House and gaze up at the 328-foot (100-meter) wide steps, turned into an opera stage for the first time ever. Sydney Opera House - The Opera is the story of the building of the Sydney Opera House, a story with more twists and turns than any opera. Showing for a limited time from October 28 to November 5, 2016, this is a brand-new concept for outdoor opera, combining opera and technology in honour of that great architectural feat, the Sydney Opera House. Arrive a little early and dine at one of five pop-up bar and restaurants on the Forecourt of the Sydney Opera House from 5pm.

The architect walked out. The Premier died. The costs ballooned, and the years marched on. Building the Sydney Opera House is a story with more twists and turns than an opera. Sydney Opera House - The Opera has fourteen scenes, set everywhere from Mexico to Denmark to the Royal Yacht to a Sydney backyard BBQ. Based on the true story, rarely has an opera plot had so many twists and turns, charting the dramatic story of the creation of the world’s most famous building and the coming of age of Australia.

Platforms will glide across the steps, delivering the fast-paced action. Giant screens will unfurl to display historic photos, surprising those too young to remember when Bennelong Point was a tram depot and building site. Giant glowing balls of paper, projections and lighting effects will complete the son et lumière spectacle.

On the platforms, a dozen of Australia’s finest young singers will play more than forty characters between them. Everyone who played a part in the building of the Sydney Opera House is a character in the opera, from the NSW Premier to a government engineer to a Sydney socialite. Gerry Connolly will play the Queen. This is Sydney’s story writ large.

Australia's youngest architects, 100 students from the UNSW Faculty for the Built Environment, will decorate the site and food outlets, including a 3D-printed bar. Inspired by a scene from the opera, the site decoration will feature one of Australia’s earliest patents, the Hills Hoist, as well as an exhibition of Max Dupain’s iconic photographs of the construction of the Sydney Opera House.

Open from 5pm will be five pop-up bar restaurants located on the Forecourt of the Sydney Opera House exclusive to the Sydney Opera House: The Opera performance.

The Premier's Bar
As the scrumptious smell of something delicious thrown on the barbie fills The Premier’s Bar, step back in time to Sunday dinner at Mum’s place, when life was simple and finding makeshift wickets for the backyard cricket game was the evening’s only worry.

The Queen's Bar
A stylish little hole-in-the-wall, serving up thirst-quenching delights fit for a queen.

The Engineer's Bar & The Maestro's Bar
Jolly good spots for jolly good chaps. While away the hours on the Eastern Forecourt, enjoying berries from the sunshine coast and shrimp from Jervis Bay; delicious locally sourced produce for a menu full of local favorites.

The Architect's VIP Bar
Ponder the wonders of the Sydney Opera House, an architect's dream, from the comforts of the venue's VIP space. Come take a seat, and enjoy a pre-performance or interval cocktail with Cintra Estate Australian-grown olives. Feeling like something more? You can order off The Maestro's Bar menu too.