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Sydney Food Tour: A Taste of Chinatown image 1
67 €

Sydney Food Tour: A Taste of Chinatown

Taste your way through Sydney's bustling Chinatown as your guide shares personal stories of migration and settlement through the eyes of culturally diverse Australians. Savour the neighborhood's colorful history through its delicious food and real tales of migration.

This Sydney food tour is a slice of history and culture alongside deliciously diverse cuisine, telling the Australian story of migration and settlement from the early days to the most modern.

As you explore and learn about Australia's varied communities, you'll sample flavours from different regions of China, Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines, and even take part in a tea ceremony in a traditional tea house. You'll meet with local business owners and hear their stories of settlement along the way.

You'll find out where the locals love to eat, and learn about authentic recipes passed down over centuries in Asia and adapted to include Australian ingredients. There are generous portions on this tour, so come hungry!