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Sunset Horseback Ride image 1
55 €

Sunset Horseback Ride

You will be picked up from your hotel in San Ignacio and driven for about 15 minutes to a farm. Once you arrive, you will mount on a horse and ride up a hill where you will be able to watch a sunset. While waiting for the sunset, you will be able to enjoy the surroundings with a glass of wine.

You will be picked up from your respective hotel from around 3:30pm to be at the farm by 4. Horses will be properly saddled and ready to be mounted up the hill for the sunset ride. Drive to the farm will only take 15 minutes to get there.

You will be taken up the hill accompanied by one of the farm men and tour guide. While you wait at the top of the hill for the wonderful setting of the sun, you will be given a glass of wine to top off the evening and a lovely ride. From the top of the hill you can also enjoy the surrounding views of the great city of Tipu where the farm is located on.

Tour only lasts for about 2-3 hours and you will ride back to the farm. Afterwards you will be taken back to your hotel.