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Story of the Irish Multimedia Experience and Tour

Accompanied by a 'Celtic God', you are taken on a 1-hour guided tour through six time chambers, each relating to specific periods in Ireland's history, to discover who the Irish are and how they came to be. This is Ireland's only Cinematic Theatre -  where a live actor interacts with a pre-recorded actors to tell the Story of the Irish.

Story of the Irish, Ireland’s unique visitor experience and only cinematic theatre, explores the ancient story of the Irish people from 8,000 BC to present day. Live actors seamlessly interact with screen actors in this cutting edge production.

During the tour you will experience cultural triumphs, defiance, near annihilation, and rebirth. There will be live theatre, cinema, original script, original music score, specially designed lighting and special effects to fully engage you on your 1-hour tour.

As you enter you will be able to enjoy a guided tour through a multimedia visitor experience which brings to life 10,000 years of Irish culture, using live actors and cinema.