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Stob Pyramids and Rila Monastery Private Hiking Tour from Sofia image 1
58 €

Stob Pyramids and Rila Monastery Private Hiking Tour from Sofia

Rila monastery and hiking through stob pyramids with a taste of banitsa!
If you join this tour you will: Walk through the pyramids! See the 19-th century Monastery fresco from Bulgarian revival and marvelous Iconostasis of the Church. See the unique miraculous icon of the Monastery. Passing the cave of Saint John of Rila. Visit the rich Monastery museum or/and/the 14th century guard tower of the Monastery.

Enjoy one of the best ways of exploring and learning more about Bulgaria - with a professional guide hiking trough the amazing mountains.
The tour starts from Sofia and your first stop is at Stop Piramids. Place well know and best for hiking. Then you visit the largest monastery in Bulgaria: Rila monastery, this is the second stop in your tour. There the professional guide will take you around and blend you in to the history and way of life in the monastery. You will spend about 3h in Rila monastery. Last but not least you will have the chance to taste one of the best and well known special pastry products in Bulgaria, which will be home-made. After a great day the guide will take you back to your hotel.