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Stand Up Paddling Tour at Green Island image 1
77 €

Stand Up Paddling Tour at Green Island

SUP, or stand up paddleboarding, is a rapidly growing water sport and it’s great for those non wind days or for people looking for a more tranquil way of enjoying the water. Nonsuch Bay is an idyllic location for paddleboarding, providing warm clear waters, rich sea life and reef to explore.

This stand up paddling tour is a combination of an introductory lesson to the sport, together with a 1 hour downwinder in the beautiful waters of Nonsuch Bay. No matter what your level of experience or fitness is, the progression of this SUP class will take you from complete beginner to paddling ocean waters.

Once the basics are covered, a short boat ride will bring you to the beautiful Green Island where the downwinder will start. You will start discovering the most beautiful and clear waters of Antigua and will continue along the coast were is easy to spot turtles, rays and flying fish. By the end of your lesson the guides will have you comfortable on the board and paddling. The lesson will cover safety, assessment of suitable locations, choosing equipment, proper stance, maneuvering, water entry/exit and of course, paddling techniques.

Are you ready to paddle in the best SUP spot of Antigua? All you need is to bring along is your sense of adventure and a desire to paddle amongst some beautiful marine life and coral formations. You’ll get a new perspective of the pristine Antiguan waters and get some exercise.