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Spirit of Hervey Bay Whale Watching Cruise image 1
75 €

Spirit of Hervey Bay Whale Watching Cruise

Join a whale watching cruise in Hervey Bay. Choose a half day (school holidays) or 3/4 day tour and join in the fun and exciting antics the whales offer.  Besides whales, often dolphins, turtles and seabirds are spotted, maybe even a dingo on the beach of Fraser Island.  Cruise in superior comfort and style aboard this first class fast cat cruiser.  Get the most from your once in a lifetime experience.

Cruise the sheltered waters of Platypus Bay whilst taking in breathtaking sights as you travel along the beautiful white sandy banks of Fraser Island’s beaches to the whales playground. Feel the excitement and anticipation as the boat gets closer to the whales sanctuary, scanning the horizon for our first splash or blow from a mighty humpback. Loud tail and pec slaps, spectacular breaches, curious spy hops and close encounters are just some of the antics the whales display to keep you captivated. Imagine relaxing enjoying your lunch on our 3/4 day cruise, nestled beside beautiful Fraser Island whilst whales wallow and play around you, you can’t get better than that! Join the friendly crew on a magical day surrounded by nature.

Your boat is equipped with 6 levels of uncrowded viewing decks, underwater viewing rooms (yes you are below the waterline), waterline viewing platform (maybe touch a whale), hydrophone to listen to the whales singing. And the boat is fast too, so you spend the most time with the whales, it is the biggest boat with superior stability and comfort and Free WIFI available on board. You will also receive complimentary souvenir DVD.