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Sofia Retro Bike Tour

The city is the capital of Bulgaria since 1879. Until 1944 the Bulgarian state was developing rapidly and Sofia was smoothly changed from a muddy-street small town into a modern capital city. But in the end of the world war II the Soviet army occupied the country and in 1946 the monarchy was expelled. The new People's Republic of Bulgaria took a completely new way. This was a revolution, but not so much in political way, rather than a revolution into the everyday life of the people. The tale of this revolution, with a special focus on some of it's aspects such as of the government, the housing, the industrial development and the art will be the object of this tour.
In order to get involved in that time you will bike the communist period in Sofia with the authentic bikes produced in that time. They were made in the famous Balkan factory in the 70's and 80's. That's why do not be surprised if many people want to take photo of them.

The tour starts at the beginning of the main pedestrian street Vitosha, in front of the entrance of the subway station NDK. You will bike towards it and stop in front of the Largo complex. Built in 1950's the three building of the government are typical with their new-classical architecture or Stalinist style.

Bike back to the National Palace of Culture (NDK). Built in 1981 in honor of 1300th anniversary of the establishing of Bulgarian state, the complex is representative for the period of late 80's (happy socialism). Then you will go to one of the living quarters, which was initially built during the 50's but it was still growing in the 70's and 80's. 15 minutes away from it is our next stop - the monument of the Soviet army. It is the biggest monument in the country of that time and it is still standing right in the city-center today. You will keep talking about the art in the communist period in the Museum of socialist art. Here you will be able to see many monuments, paintings and news-roll movies making the so called socialist realism in art. The last stop of the tour is the National museum of Military History. There you can see some of the out-of-date arms made during the Cold war in the USSR and Bulgaria. In the period of communism the most advanced technologies were implemented in the army. Some of them were secretly developed.

A good tour always ends with a good lunch. 10 minutes away from the Military history museum is situated Raketa rakia bar. This is the perfect place to finish our day because the whole interior in this place is made from artefacts made in the socialist period. There you can try more than 50 types of the most common alcohol drink and our pride - the rakia.