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Sofia Real-Life Room Escape Game image 1
30 €

Sofia Real-Life Room Escape Game

Enjoy a 60-minutes escape game in one of the most prominent escape rooms in Sofia! Gather a team of 2 to 6 persons, make an appointment and enjoy the series of specially designed riddles and puzzles! The bank you're in has just been robbed. Will you succeed to escape in an hour or the bomb will explode?

In order to play the game, you have to be a part of a team consisting of 2 to 6 people. The game is very suitable for couples, friends, colleagues, families and team building events. 

We shall lock your team in a specially designed theme room for 1 hour. You have to find the clues and hidden objects and solve the puzzles and the riddles in order to escape from the Room. 

No physical strength or special knowledge is required. 

In the Room you leave the anonymity of cyberspace, you are not sitting alone at home in front of your PC clicking your way out but share time with your friends or beloved. 

Give yourself lots of pleasure, fun, adventure and a new challenge. Are you ready?