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15 €

Sofia Graffiti Tour

We are a small company of motivated individuals that enjoys creating new ways to discover Sofia and its colourful history. The team behind the Sofia graffiti tour comprises of experienced street artists, graffiti community partners and passionate fans.

You will see different types of graffiti in Sofia.

You will learn about the different graffiti styles in general. And at the end of the tour you will be an expert of graffiti and when you walk around any city you will start understanding all "strange" drawings on the walls.

The guides on this tour are amazing - most of them know most of the artists and their crews personally and can therefore provide extra insight into the background behind the amazing murals and tags you will see on your tour. You'll get a really comprehensive history of not only the people involved with the murals but a history of street art itself - And many of the most famous murals in Sofia will have a lot of backstory and interesting knowledge that will further your understanding - and hopefully by proxy, appreciation - of the graffiti you'll encounter on this tour. The tour guides are super friendly and can answer almost any question you might have - and take you to not only the best spots in town to see the most magnificent street art, but, probably in part to their insider connection, will take you to places you wouldn't be able to access were you to try and find these pieces on your own.