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Snowshoeing in Rila Mountains Full Day Tour from Sofia image 1
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Snowshoeing in Rila Mountains Full Day Tour from Sofia

You will get a detailed explication of the techniques and the use of the equipment and you'll take your first steps with these strange and unexpectedly comfortable simple devices for snowshoeing. Paths and trails are not of any real importance as the snowshoes distribute your weight's burden proportionally on the whole surface of the platform, thus keeping you from sinking. The duration and difficulty of the hike depend on the physical level of the participants in the group.

The day starts early in the morning from Sofia. The transfer to Rila Mountain is around 2 hours. Your final aim will be the complex Malyovitsa where you will leave the car and start the real snowshoeing in the highest mountain of Bulgaria – Rila. The region of Malyovitsa is famous for its alpine look, abrupt rocks and Malyovitsa Peak. From there you have two options for snowshoeing:

  • to the peak of Malyovitsa (2729 m) - the route leads us in the valley of the river Malyovitsa in one of the most alpine regions of the mountain. Your road passes also by Malyovitsa hut, from where you can enjoy the peaks named the Doll, The Evil Tooth, The Camel. Duration: 6-8 hours.
  • to BAK refuge (2520 m) – the trail passes through the valley of river Malyovitsa but this time your final destination is the wonderful view from BAK refuge. Duration: 5-7 hours.