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Snowmobile Safari and Reindeer Herding in the Mountains of Tromso image 1
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Snowmobile Safari and Reindeer Herding in the Mountains of Tromso

Search for and herd reindeer in their wintertime pastures on this snowmobile tour with transport from Tromsø. Seated on a snowmobile, you'll traverse the Norwegian mountain landscape to find wild reindeer, who can be hard to locate, depending on weather conditions, but with an expert herder, it should be likely you'll spot some. If you do, you can feed and tend to them before returning to the Sami camp for lunch. There are some reindeer fenced here, so you're guaranteed to at least see them. Return transport to Tromsø is included.

Your Arctic adventure from Tromsø starts with the 30-minute ride from town to meet up with your snowmobile-driving Sami crew.

After putting on a provided thermal suit and protective gear, join your Sami driver aboard your snowmobile, and take off into the Norwegian wilderness. Zoom past snowcapped mountain peaks as you search for wild reindeer; depending on the day’s weather and your luck, you may very well come across a herd in their natural environment. 

If you find them, you can help the Sami herders feed and tend to them. If you don't see any, head back to the Sami camp, where you still have the chance to interact with the camp’s own local herd. You'll also enjoy a traditional meal with hot coffee at the camp, and listen to a lively round of Sami folk songs to keep you warm. Your tour ends with transportation back to Tromsø in the afternoon.

This combination outdoor snowmobile journey and cultural immersion with the indigenous people of Scandinavia hopes to provide a memorable day in northern Norway.