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Small-Group White Water Rafting Adventure in Dagali image 1
82 €

Small-Group White Water Rafting Adventure in Dagali

You're invited to Numedalslågen, one of Europe’s best rafting rivers. With a focus on safety and quality, your experienced guides will make sure that you are well taken care of and that you will be enjoying an exciting and fun white water rafting experience! Rafting is also a great nature experience, with your small-group of no more than 15 people, explore the untouched wildlife and crisp, clean river water which runs from the National Park.

After the welcome at the rafting base, everyone introduces themselves to each other and are invited to watch the film from the previous rafting trip that will explain the relevant water level. Each guest will talk about their expectations and the guide will answer all questions to make sure the excursions suit everyone.

After introduction, you will receive proper river gear like wet suit, wet shoes, life jacket and helmet. After changing, one of the guides will give a safety course. You're provided transport to the river, the length of the drive depends on the water level. The water level is monitored at a daily basis to ensure that you'll always have the best rafting experience.

When arriving at the starting point by the river, the group will be split into river teams and get to know their guide.  Each guide will have a practical course and training with their crew on the water before the rafting begins. Your guide will ensure that you are comfortable for your trip and if you have medication you need to bring, your guide will carry it for you. Please note you must inform your guide of any health concerns you may have. 

Families and groups will not be split up, however, the number of people carried on a raft is limited. On a high water the raft can carry up to 8 people, on the condition that some participants are children. On low water level, the raft can take maximum 5 people. 

The bus driver will film the major rapids to capture your adventure. Wherever the driver stands, the bus is close by.  This gives the opportunity for those who would like to drive around the biggest rapids, the choice to do so. At the end, everyone will be transported back to the base.