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Small Group Tour to the Estuary from Belize City  image 1
65 €

Small Group Tour to the Estuary from Belize City

Take this 2-hour tour of the Estuary, an enclosed reserve, home to crocodiles and exotic birds. Observe the unique flora and fauna in this area, dedicated to showing the effects of sustainable living and climate change. This protected land will show you and your small-group of 10 the natural environment of Belize.

This 2-hour tour begins when you meet your guide at the beachfront in Belize City. At 8am, 12pm, or 3pm, you'll depart by ferry for the 10-minute boat ride to The Estuary, on the tiny island of Caye Caulker. Upon your arrival, you'll immediately be welcomed by dozens of iguanas at their feeding station. A park guide will lead you through the mangrove swamps on a boardwalk, several feet over the first lagoon, "red lagoon." Here, a breeding pair of American salt water crocodiles, Scar Face and Scarlett, reside in their natural habitat.

After greeting and observing these reptiles turn your attention to the fauna and bird life as you continue along the trail to the other side of the island. The 10-minute walk leads you to the "Black Lagoon," which provides shade and an observation platform for several species of birds and schools of tarpon. Continue walking for another 15 minutes until you come across a forest of coconuts. Once your tour concludes, head back to the beachfront where you'll catch the ferry and relax on the boat ride back to Belize City.