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Small-Group Nine Course Menu Dinner and Wine Tasting in Buenos Aires image 1
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Small-Group Nine Course Menu Dinner and Wine Tasting in Buenos Aires

Join a 2-hour wine tasting experience in Buenos Aires that focuses on an intimate, eight-seat small-group setting. You will meet at the dining establishment in Palermo and a highly experienced Sommelier will walk through six Argentine wine tastings and pair them with matching gourmet food and a homemade selection of bread.

Intimacy and elegance define this 2-hour wine tasting experience. Enjoy premium wines from Argentina, paired with gourmet food and a homemade selection of bread in a relaxed, interactive setting.

The passion and experience from around the world that your chef and sommelier has is what makes this tasting uniquely inviting. Having worked in the finest restaurants and hotels in Dubai, Maldives, Singapore, Latin America and the United States, he will guide you through a flight of wines paired with exquisite gourmet food.

Join an eight-seat communal table set away from the noisy restaurant scene and delight in a sparkling wine reception for guests to interact. Following this, partake in a nine step tasting menu with an increasing intensity of flavors, diminishing again at the end seeking the perfect balance, paired with a selection of wines from Argentina.

The chosen tasting menu is best described as seasonal, inspired with fresh, natural ingredients, some of which are grown directly at this establishment. The menu is changed during each season, every month in order to provide a consistently unique experience.