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Small-Group Coffee Tasting Walking Tour of Melbourne image 1
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Small-Group Coffee Tasting Walking Tour of Melbourne

Take a 2.5-hour tour of Melbourne’s coffee hotspots as you visit specialty coffee stores tasting and learning about the history of the perfect coffee. Meet some of Melbourne’s top baristas as you watch a coffee making demonstration before tasting the mouth watering creations. If you're a coffee lover, this tour is perfect for you.

After meeting your guide at St Pauls Cathedral, travel towards your first coffee stop.

Melbourne is notoriously known for its incredible coffee. With backstreet coffee shops and small lane-ways hidden through all of Melbourne, this 2.5-hour coffee tour will take you through the best of the best.

If you’re a coffee lover and interested in knowing the ins and outs of the life of a barista, this tour is perfect for you. Enjoy a leisurely tour as you learn about the coffee making process which includes the farming of the beans and where and when they are picked, discover the secret to roasting, storing and the crushing of the beans as well as the different tastes created by the introduction of water.

Take an in depth look into the history, business and culture of Melbourne’s favorite drink as you stop off for a tasting of the finest coffee in Melbourne, and quite possibly the world.

Next, meet one of Melbourne’s best baristas and discover the secret to making the perfect coffee including a range of incredible coffee art.

Make sure to bring your camera as you pass by some perfect photo opportunities along the way.