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Shore Excursion: Stress Release Beach Massages at Valley Church Beach image 1
29 €

Shore Excursion: Stress Release Beach Massages at Valley Church Beach

Are you tired of overworking those muscles? Have you been carrying those heavy suitcases around more than you should, and feel you need a break? Have those uncomfortable chairs and pillows finally taken their toll? It's time to break free! Book this massage package and allow our Escort bring you on down to the Valley Church Beach in St Mary's to receive two specially-customized 15-minute stress release massages for you and a companion!

Upon getting off the ship walk along the Board walk over to a Building marked Exotic Antigua there you will meet a representative standing with a sign that reads Pam's wellness centre Valley church. This person will assist you with taxi arrangements (cost separate) our taxi drivers are pretty eager to explain away various land marks..
Please feel free to ask questions...Welcome and Enjoy our hospitality..

Upon your arrival at the beach, please come to Our Cabana, located North of the "Nest Beach Bar & Restaurant". You will be given a flag to plant where you will be seating so we know where you are in the event we need to come and get you.

Afterwards, you can get comfortable, and then choose one of three lovely aromas that are chosen daily, or an ointment designed to penetrate deep tissues. The massage will focus mainly on the most common areas of tension: the neck, shoulders, and the lower back areas. This package is for two 15-minute stress-relieving beach massages for two individuals.