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Shore Excursion: Stavanger Highlights

Step back in time and discover the historic beauty, culture and traditions that have combined to make Stavanger such a pleasant port of call. This tour is a combination of natural beauty, sightseeing and history.

EStavanger and the surrounding areas have played a leading part in Norway's maritime history for centuries. Viking kings battled in nearby Hafrsfjord, steamships came and went and modern super-tankers have exported oil to other parts of the world.

Explore Stavanger with an expert, English speaking guide and understand how it has earned its recognition as Norway’s most important "oil city".

Pass through rich, agricultural countryside and journey towards Ullandhaug; a lovely farm area with reconstructed Iron Age farmhouses and buildings. Peer into the lives and lifestyles of past Norwegians before venturing uphill in your coach to a nearby viewpoint.

Ullandhaug Hill offers magnificent views over the fertile farmland of Jæren and the Hafrsfjord. Learn about the Viking king Harald Haarfagre (the Fair-haired) who defeated the last of the regional princes in 872 and founded the Kingdom of Norway.

Re-join your transport and return to the city of Stavanger, admiring both old and new suburbs from the comfort of your seat. Stop at the 12th century cathedral and take time to go inside. Built by the aid of British craftsmen, this beautiful cathedral is the only place of worship left in Norway that has still retained its original, Middle Age features.

Take the opportunity to stop in Old Stavanger; the prettiest and most photographed part of the city. Enjoy a walk through the narrow lanes, seeing carefully preserved wooden houses that date back to the 18th and 19th centuries.  

A lovely half day option that lets you maximise your time in Stavanger. See as much as possible of the area and enjoy the main highlights and landmarks