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Scenic Horseback Riding Tour through Unspoiled Mountain Pastures of Tipperary image 1
30 €

Scenic Horseback Riding Tour through Unspoiled Mountain Pastures of Tipperary

Small-group horseback riding treks over unspoiled mountain countryside. Experience views of beautiful Irish scenery from the saddle. Suitable for all levels of rider and tailored to your groups' requirements. Treks can be for one, two, five or eight hours. Experienced guide, rider assessment, loan of hats and boots, all included. Overnight accommodation also available if required.

Discover the beautiful Irish mountain countryside from the back of a horse. You will be welcomed at registration and offered the loan of a riding hat and appropriate footwear (these are mandatory for your safety). You will be given instruction in how to relate to and ride your horse and then taken for a guided trek, where you will be shown Bronze Age and Celtic archaeological remains, romantic ruins, and standing stones.

Your knowledgeable guide will explain the significance of the landscape and tell you local stories and legends about the people who lived on the land in the past. You will also get to see spectacular Irish wildflowers and fauna, including Irish hares and foxes.

On the 1-hour trek you will ride a circular route along a track which was once the main road from Rusheen to Upperchurch, to visit a Mass Rock. On the 2-hour trek you will venture further afield to the top of the Black Hill, 1,100 feet above sea-level. On the 5-hour trek you and your horse will visit the charming village of Upperchurch, with a stop off at the pub for lunch or dinner.

Treks are suitable for novice and experienced riders and go at the pace of the least experienced rider in your party. If you are all experienced in classical riding, treks can include cantering, galloping and jumping. Overnight accommodation on site is available as an extra.