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Scenic 1-Hour Horseback Ride Through Unspoiled Mountain Pastures in Tipperary image 1
30 €

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Scenic 1-Hour Horseback Ride Through Unspoiled Mountain Pastures in Tipperary

Hour long private pony trek through the scenic Irish mountainsides. Suitable for families and all levels of rider, with basic instruction included. Start time at your convenience

When your party arrives you will be welcomed and asked to complete your registration form. If you do not have your own, you will be fitted with a riding hat and boots. You will be assisted in mounting up and then given basic instruction in our sand arena. Once your riding has been assessed the pace of your trek will be agreed on. Then you and your guide will ride through the yard and up into the mountains. You will see the remains a bronze age settlement, over 2,500 years old. Then you will ride along a long forgotten road, past a romantic ruin. You will then ride through a working traditional Irish farmyard and up again into the hills to see a standing stone that humans put there 6,000 years ago. On your way back you will see a celtic hill fort and an Irish fairy ring. On your journey you will be given plenty of opportunities to photograph the beautiful views, and your guide will pause with you to explain the significance of the sights you encounter. Parties of riders experienced in English riding will have the option of going for a gallop and popping a few natural jumps. Overnight accommodation an optional extra,