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Saeva dupka and Ledenika Caves Day-Tour from Sofia

Explore two of the most interesting caves in Bulgaria with a one-day tour from Sofia.

Caves Overview

Saeva dupka Cave’s five halls and 400 meters (437 yards) of corridors offer some of the most beautiful cave formations in the country. The cave has hosted many choral music performances, thanks to the excellent acoustic conditions. Saeva dupka was named after two brothers, Seyu and Sae, who used it as a hiding place during the Ottoman occupation of Bulgaria. Recent excavations have shown the cave was inhabited since Roman times. Saeva dupka is one of the 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria.

Ledenika is a cave in the Northwestern parts of the Balkan Mountains, 16km (10 miles) away from the Bulgarian town of Vratsa, its entrance being at 830m above sea level. It features an abundance of galleries and impressive karst formations including stalactites and stalagmites, dating back a thousand years. The cave is about 300m (328 yards) long and contains ten separate halls. The biggest one is the Concert Hall. The way to it is through the "Passage of Sinners", meaning only those whose heart is pure can pass through it. Once the cave was full of water, but now only a small lake has remained, the "Lake of Wishes". Legend says that if you dip your hand in the ice-cold water of the lake and make a wish, the wish will come true. You will also experience astonishing 3D laser show inside the cave.

Your Day In The Caves

Brestnica village is located 100 km (62 miles) north-east of Sofia, or about an hour and a half drive across the Balkan range (highway) to the cave. A visit there takes about an hour. Afterward, you'll continue to the town of Vratsa, where you can have lunch in the beautiful canyon called Vratsata (The Door), which is the best place for rock climbing in Bulgaria. After a short drive, you'll continue on to Ledenika Cave, one of the most impressive caves in Bulgaria. Your return trip will be around an hour and 40 minutes.

This tour is very suitable for children, as the caves take you into a fairy world of different figures, where children can use their imagination and "see" their heroes and favorite fairy-tale images.