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14 €

Room Escape Game

Escape from everyday life with something different and unforgettable. Play a Room Escape game in one of the best rooms in Varna"The Masquerade of Surprises". Enjoy the antique and mysterious atmosphere of a Venetian ball, solve various puzzles... and find the exit for 66 minutes! ;-) Accept this challenge and bring your team!

This is a Room Escape game in one of the best rooms in Varna – "The Masquerade of Surprises". Basically, you're introduced into an interesting plot, and then locked in a room full of secrets. Following the storilyne, solving original puzzles and mysteries, you'll have exactly 66 minutes to find your way out!

  • You play in a team of 2 to 5 people. Bring your friends as well as your good mood!
  • You have 66 minutes to find how to escape, i.e. this is your maximum playing time. Add some 15 minutes for a brief instructions and preparations;
  • The game relies on mind and logic, intuition, teamplay. Physical strength is not necessary. Do not use brute force! Do not break or peel off things, be careful with all the furniture;
  • Everything needed for the game is inside the room. Bringing and using phones, recorders, or any other electromagnetic devices is forbidden, as well as sharp and dangerous objects;
  • You have contact with supervisor who is observing your game and is ready to assist you. Upon request, you can get some hints or other help.
Your host Escape House is situated on Varna, 21 Bratya Shkorpil str. (ul. Bratya Shkorpil 21). Entrance through the yard.