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Riverboarding on the River Sjoa image 1
107 €

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Riverboarding on the River Sjoa

An exciting and challenging activity where you run through the rapids of Sjoa on a specially designed board. An excellent activity for those who have tried rafting a few times and want greater challenges.

Riverboarding is an individual activity where you lie on a board with handles. Wearing a full wetsuit with flippers and gloves, helmet and life jacket we will take you through the rapids on the central section of Sjoa.
This is an intense experience where you can really feel the river's forces on the body. The experienced and skilled guides who are along for the ride will provide you with training and instructions before the trip starts. We surf the waves and ride down Sjoa through it's famous rapids.
This activity requires that the participants are in good physical shape, but the trip will be customized to the level and experience of the participants. After the tour you get a hot shower, and then tea or coffee together with your guides.