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Rila Mountains One Day Snowshoeing and Wine Tasting image 1
125 €

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Rila Mountains One Day Snowshoeing and Wine Tasting

Follow the wildlife winter trails in the Seven Rila Lakes and visit a winery to indulge your senses in a wine tasting of fine Bulgarian wines.

You will be picked up from your place of accommodation early in the morning (7am). During the transfer (1:30h) your guide will introduce you the snowshoeing philosophy. When the group reaches the mountain, the chairlift will take you to the hut of the sacred Seven Rila Lakes. From the hut the adventure will begin and the guide will decide the direction of the hike (2-4 h) depending of the weather conditions and the group fitness. The wine tasting comes in the afternoon when you will visit the winery and learn more about the Bulgarian passion for the wine production. The tour ends in Sofia