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40 €

Rila Monastery Day Tour

On this 8-hour guided tour, which includes hotel pickup and drop-off in Sofia, you'll be introduced to the beautiful and vibrant Rila Monastery. Set among pine forests in western Bulgaria’s Rila Mountains, the monastery is a prime example of Balkan architecture, and a must-visit UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Begin your day with a hotel pickup at 9am, and look forward to discovering one of Bulgaria’s most beautiful cultural landmarks on this 8-hour tour. Relax during the 2-hour drive from Sofia to the hilly tract of western Bulgaria where Rila Monastery is located, hidden amongst the dense pine forests of the Rila Mountains.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since the 1970s, and one of Bulgaria’s most visited landmarks, Rila Monastery is a veritable jewel. The monastery is famous for its colorful frescoes, ornate interior, and long history; its founding dates all the way back to the 10th century.

Once you arrive, go on a 3-hour tour of its holy cloister, after which you’ll relax with a tasty lunch. When your hour-long lunch break is over, embark on the scenic, 2-hour journey back to your hotel.