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Rila Monastery and Boyana Church Shuttle Tour image 1
30 €

Rila Monastery and Boyana Church Shuttle Tour

Rila monastery shuttle will take you to Bulgaria's most important and visited historical site and even more - two UNESCO places, amongst with Boyana church. Enjoy the wonderful frescoes from 19th century, representing the achievement of the Bulgarian Revival painting school, feel the amazing spirit of the largest monastery in the country, surrounded by the indescribable beauty of Rila mountain. V travel team will represent to you all the secrets of this place. In the afternoon we will visit Boyana church, where murals from 13th century will show you the majesty of the Bulgarian medieval country.

The shuttle starts at 9:00 from our meeting point - Alexander Nevski square. Two hours scenic drive will take us to the monastery complex. Hidden behind the powerful hugs of its 24 meter walls, the yard of the monastery, amongst with "Nativity of Mary" church, will leave you breathless. Here we will spend two hours exploring the secrets of the place, the unique life of the monks from the past and present days, learn and see why the monastery is part of UNESCO World heritage.

In the early afternoon we will head towards nice restaurant, where you will be able to taste the delicious Rila trout, which came from the nearby Rila river and spend another one hour, viewing the beautiful Rila mountain from the yard of the restaurant. After another 1h 30 min drive we will reach the suburbs of Sofia for a 30 min visit of Boyana church. With its murals from 1259 in the unique Prerennaissance Palaiological style of painting, the small chapel will reveal to you the majestic history of the Bulgarian Medieval empire .