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Recoleta Food Walking Tour image 1
129 €

Recoleta Food Walking Tour

Enjoy the most palatable Argentinean cuisine! Although pretty informal, this food walking tour will take you through one of the most elegant and expensive residential areas of Buenos Aires. Here, you will be tasting typical local appetizers and one of the top five cuts of beef, along with a glass of Malbec wine at a very famous restaurant.

The starting point of the tour begins at the entrance of the Recoleta cemetery, either at noon or at 7pm. You will be strolling along the streets of this neighborhood; visiting the most famous and luxurious hotel of the city (Alvear Hotel), and some bars and restaurants that were a rendezvous for politicians, artists and writers.

The first stop will be at a place that perfectly represent the Argentinean culture, where you will able to taste the authentic ‘empanadas’. 
The second stop will take place at an outstanding restaurant, in which you will be able to taste the Argentinean meat and wine.
Finally, the third stop will be at one of the most well-known chain of ice-cream parlor. 
The tour will also end at the entrance of the Recoleta cemetery. There is a cabstand only 2 blocks away from the cemetery.