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Quebrada De Las Conchas Bike Tour from Cafayate image 1
164 €

Quebrada De Las Conchas Bike Tour from Cafayate

Visit the Quebrada de las Conchas natural reservation, an area of great natural beauty, with very striking rock formations of reddish colors.

Our Quebrada de las Conchas Bike Tour from Cafayate, invites you to hop on a bike to travel along the scenic Route No. 68, for about 25 km, through the most curious landscapes. We will see landmarks such as La Garganta del Diablo, Tres Cruces, La Yesera and La Punilla.

The tour starts with the passengers pick up from their hotels in the centre of Cafayate, to take them to the starting point of the tour, at the 47 km of the Route No. 68. There, first generation bikes will be waiting for us to begin the tour, but first, a brief speech about technical and safety guidelines for proper performance of the activity will be given by our guides.

We will get in direct contact with nature's hard work, which has left a large testimony, worthy of exploration and study, while we continue to discover details of its geological formations.

The first point of interest is Garganta del Diablo, a deep closed canyon, that appears when the canyon narrows and the walls gets higher. This curious formation receives its name because of its reminiscent of a human trachea.

Then we will visit Tres Cruces, an elevated area that serves as a scenic viewpoint, offering a panoramic view of the Quebrada de las Conchas, to appreciate its beauty. The Yesera, an important fossil fish site. And finally, La Punilla, an area eroded by natural agents, which resulted in strange formations of  great beauty.

The route has a total length of  25 km from the starting point in Garganta del Diablo, until the return to Cafayate. Once we have travelled them, passengers will be returned to their hotels